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The Story Behind the Name

The founder of Free Roaming Artists spent years working in a cubicle as a Software Developer and a Software Quality Assurance Analyst. An article in the Chicago Tribubune in the early 2000's described how the average IT person's cubicle wsimilarin size to a chicken in a small cage.
It was then the artist within the IT worker decided it wastime to break out of the cubicle and start her own company, much like free roaming / free rangechickens did.  Free Roaming Artistswas then born, er hatched. :)
Our goal is to promote art, artists and art history. Watch as we slowly, pain-stakenly evolve. But enjoy the art here and in every thing you do.

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Free Roaming Artists

Karen Sue Gulbransen

Sun Dance St

W Melbourne, FL 32904-7520

Phone: 262 705-8348


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